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Sybase Adaptive Server Version 15.7 released

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Sybase Adaptive Server Version 15.7 released

Postby SQLDenis on Thu Sep 29, 2011 7:27 pm

New Features in Adaptive Server Version 15.7
Adaptive Server® version 15.7 introduces many new features and enhancements.

• Application Functionality Configuration Group
Adaptive Server version 15.7 adds the Application Functionality configuration group to the configuration file.

• New Adaptive Server Kernel
Adaptive Server version 15.7 and later includes two kernels: a threaded kernel and a process kernel.

• Compressing Data in Adaptive Server
Adaptive Server version 15.7 introduces data compression, which lets you use less storage space for the same amount of data, reduce cache memory consumption, and improve performance because of lower I/O demands.

• New Security Features
Adaptive Server version 15.7 adds these features for security: end-to-end CIS Kerberos authentication, dual control of encryption keys and unattended startup, securing logins, roles and password management extensions, and login profiles.

• Abstract Plans in Cached Statements
Adaptive Server version 15.7 introduces the ability to save abstract plan information in the statement cache.

• Shrink Log Space
In Adaptive Server version 15.7 and later, alter database includes the log off parameter, which removes unwanted portions of a database log, allowing you to shrink log space and free storage without re-creating the database.

• Displaying Currently Set Switches with sysoptions
Adaptive Server version 15.7 adds the number column to the sysoptions table, which contains the switch ID for currently set switches.

• Changes for Large Objects
Adaptive Server version 15.7 includes changes for large objects (LOBs), such as storing in-row LOB columns for small text, image, and unitext datatypes, storing declared SQL statements containing LOBs, indirectly referencing a LOB in Transact-SQL statements, and allowing checking for null values of large objects.

• Showing Cached Plans in XML
The show_cached_plan_in_xml function returns a showplan output in XML for a statement in cache.

• Padding a Character Field Using str
In Adaptive Server version 15.7 the decimal parameter of the str function has been extended to allow a field to be padded with a specified character or numeric.

• Changes to select for update
Adaptive Server version 15.7 supports select for update to exclusively lock rows for subsequent updates within the same transaction, and for updatable cursors. This prevents other concurrent tasks from updating these rows and from blocking the subsequent update. select for update is supported at isolation levels 1, 2, and 3.

• Creating Nonmaterialized, Non-null Columns
Adaptive Server version 15.7 allows you to create nonmaterialized, non-NULL columns.

• Sharing Inline Defaults
Adaptive Server 15.7 supports sharing inline defaults between different tables if the tables are in the same database.

• Retain Monitoring Data
Adaptive Server version 15.7 does not store the descriptors for some objects in the metadata cache. Instead, it retains monitoring data stored in the descriptors, thus improving query performance.

• Analyze Dynamic Parameters
Adaptive Server version 15.7 allows you to analyze dynamic parameters (which are indicated by question marks) before running a query, helping you avoid inefficient query plans.

• Monitor Lock Timeouts
Adaptive Server version 15.7 allows you to monitor lock timeouts.

• Truncate Trailing Zeros
Adaptive Server version 15.7 includes the disable varbinary truncation configuration parameter, which enables or disables the truncation of trailing zeros from varbinary and binary null data.

• Fully Recoverable DDL
Adaptive Server version 15.7 allows you to use dump transaction to fully recover the operations that earlier versions of Adaptive Server minimally logged.

• Transfer Rows from Source to Target Table Using merge
Adaptive Server 15.7 introduces a merge command, which allows you to transfer rows from a source table into a target table

• View Statistics and Histograms with sp_showoptstats
sp_showoptstats allows you to extract and display, in an XML document, statistics and histograms for various types of data objects from system tables such as systabstats and sysstatistics.

• Changes to Cursors
Adaptive Server version 15.7 includes changes to cursor locks, how cursors manage transactions, and how it declares cursor statements.

• Nested select Statement Enhancements
Adaptive Server 15.7 expands the abilities of the asterisk (*).

• Changes to Commands and System Procedures in Chained Transaction
Adaptive Server versions 15.7 allows some system procedures to run in sessions that use chained transaction mode.

• Expanded Variable-Length Rows
Adaptive Server version 15.7 redefines data-only locked (DOL) columns to use a row offset of up to 32767 bytes. You must configure Adaptive Server for a logical page size of 16K to create wide, variable-length DOL rows.

• Changes to like Pattern Matching
Adaptive Server version 15.7 allows you to treat square brackets individually in the like pattern-matching algorithm.

• Changes to Quoted Identifiers
In Adaptive Server 15.7 and later, you can use quoted identifiers for tables, views, column names, index names, and system procedure parameters.

• Allowing Unicode Noncharacters
In Adaptive Server version 15.7, the enable permissive unicode configuration parameter, which is a member of enable functionality group, allows you to ignore Unicode noncharacters.

• Reduce Query Processing Latency
The query processing layer in Adaptive Server 15.7 enables multiple client connections to reuse or share dynamic SQL lightweight procedures (LWPs).

• The sybdiag Utility
Adaptive Server 15.7 adds the sybdiag utility, a Java-based tool that collects comprehensive Adaptive Server configuration and environment data. Sybase Technical Support uses this information to diagnose server issues, thus expediting customer cases.

• The Optimizer Diagnostic Utility
Adaptive Server version 15.7 includes the sp_opt_querystats system procedure, which allows you to analyze the query plan generated by the Adaptive Server optimizer and the factors that influenced its choice of a query plan.

New Features in Replication Server 15.6
Replication Server® 15.6 includes performance, usability, process, and database support enhancements.

• Replication Server Licensing
Replication Server 15.6 introduces sub-capacity licensing and changes to product editions.

• Replication from Oracle to Sybase IQ Using Real-Time Loading
You can use real-time loading (RTL) to replicate from Oracle to Sybase IQ in the Real-Time Loading Edition (RTLE) of Replication Server 15.6.

• Performance Enhancements
Replication Server 15.6 includes several performance enhancements.

• Usability and Process Improvements
Replication Server 15.6 introduces several usability and process enhancements.

• Enhancements to Adaptive Server Replication Support
Replication Server 15.6 includes enhancements to support Adaptive Server replication.
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